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Are you looking for a reliable IT partner?

We are an expert house proficient in IT solutions ranging from cloud services to traditional infrastructure solutions. We provide up-to-date services for businesses, covering implementations, modernization of IT environments, development, projects, and maintenance. Our services are based on understanding of the customer’s business. We tailor solutions to support our customers’ businesses and find the best services to make their everyday life easier.

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Are you looking for a domestic and agile IT service provider that offers expert services for partial or total outsourcing, environmental modernizations and equipment deliveries? You have found what you are looking for! 

Our services are based on up-to-date Microsoft cloud technologies. You will achieve cost savings and take advantage of better functionalities by switching from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud solutions. Are you ready to take the modern step?

Microsoft 365, Intune, Azure ja muut IT ulkoistuspalvelut.

WeGo Care - IT outsourcing services

WeGo Care IT outsourcing and cloud services are based on up-to-date Microsoft Cloud technologies. We can take responsibility for all of your company’s IT services, or you can outsource specific areas.

Microsoft 365 services

Is your company considering the Microsoft 365 service? Now is the time to get the most out of your company’s licenses, ensure that information security is in order and move your home directory from traditional infrastructure to cloud-based solutions.

Cloud managed network

In the cloud-managed online service, the devices are provided with a centralized, transparent service for the customer and a unified management view. The service enables proactive monitoring of network challenges and improves the end-user experience of the network.

License services

We are a Microsoft CSP partner. Microsoft CSP is a flexible service model intended for the purchase of cloud services, where you only pay according to consumption and the number of users.

Microsoft Azure services

We offer infrastructure modernization using Microsoft Azure. Our experts help to transfer already existing data center services to the Azure environment.

WeGo Care Workstation Lifecycle Services

WeGo Care Workstation Lifecycle services enable efficient and reliable management of the entire life cycle of the device. Our service includes equipment storage, pre-installation, user instructions and labeling, as well as delivery, installation to the end user and data-safe recycling at the end of the life cycle. Leasing exchanges of equipment are also part of the service.

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Endpoint Manager, also known as Microsoft Intune is a modern cloud-based workstation and mobile device management environment. It can be used to manage the settings, features and security levels of company devices.

Service management

WeGo IT analysis is a business-oriented analysis of the customer’s current state. The task of the service manager is to understand the customer’s business and to ensure the quality and continuity of the services.

Wego Shop

WeGo Shop is a modern and easy-to-use online store for contract customers.

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